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So-called elastomer bellows seals are frequently used in wastewater plants and fresh water supply systems. Due to the neutral pH value, EPDM materials with a resin impregnated carbon seal ring against silicon carbide can be used here. The most commonly used seal is the EB02, although for solids-laden effluents an O-ring encapsulated component seal is preferred. In this case the S130, which prevents or minimizes solids deposition in the spring area (group springing) due to the encapsulated design of the O-rings. For large conveying systems, split mechanical seals are also used. For critical supply systems, double mechanical seals with blocking systems such as the TS-9-16 are often used.


Important is the percentage of solids and suspended solids in the medium. For higher percentages, tungsten carbide versus tungsten carbide or SiC versus SiC is often used on the product side. Waste water plants which are contaminated by chemical components must be analyzed on the basis of their individual components. For this purpose, an extra design of the individual components is then required.

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