Material list for mechanical seals

Material list for mechanical seals according to EN 12756.

Face materials
Identifier – EN 12756Description
Synthetic carbons
ACarbon graphite, atimony impregnated
BCarbon graphite, resin impregnated, approved for foodstuffs
B3Carbon graphite, resin impregnated
B5Carbon, resin bonded
CElectrographite, antimony impregnated
SSpecial cast CrMo steel
T411.4462 DLC-coated
Carbides | U = Tungsten carbides
U1Tungsten carbide, Co-binder
U2Tungsten carbide, Ni-binder
U22Tungsten carbide, Ni-binder
U3Tungsten carbide, NiCrMo-binder
U37Tungsten carbide, NiCrMo-binder
U7Tungsten carbide, binder-free
Q = Silicon carbides
Q1SiC, sintered pressureless
Q12SiC, sintered pressureless
Q2SiC-Si, reaction bonded
Q22SiC-Si, reaction bonded
Q3SiC-C-Si, carbon silicon impregnated
Q32SiC-C-Si, carbon silicon impregnated
Q6SiC-C, SiC sintered pressureless with carbon
Q4C-SiC, carbon surface silicated
Q19SiC, DLC-coated
Q15SiC, DiamondFaces
Metal oxides (Ceramics)
VAl-Oxide > 99%
V2Al-Oxide > 96%
XSteatite (Magnesia silicate)
Y1PTFE, glassfibre reinforced
Y2PTFE, carbon reinforced
Secondary seal components
Identifier – EN 12756Description
Elastomers, not wrapped
BButyl rubber (IIR)
EEthylene propylene rubber (EPDM) e.g. Nordel
KPerfluorocarbon rubber (FFKM) e.g. Kalrez, Chemraz, Simriz
NChloroprene rubber (CR) e.g. Neopren
PNitrile-Butadiene-Rubber (NBR) e.g. Perbunan
SSilicone rubber (VMQ) e.g. Silopren
VFluorocarbon rubber (FKM) e.g. Viton
XHydrogenated Nitrile rubber(HNBR)
XTetrafluoroethylene propylene rubber (FEPM) e.g. Aflas, Fluoranz
Elastomers, wrapped
M1FKM, double PTFE-wrapped
M2EPDM, double PTFE-wrapped
M3VMQ, double PTFE-wrapped
M4CR, double PTFE-wrapped
M5FKM, FEP-wrapped
M7FKM, double PTFE-wrapped/solid
GPure graphite
TPTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)
T2PTFE, glass fiber reinforced
T3PTFE, carbon reinforced
T12PTFE, carbon-graphite reinforced
Y1Plastic fiber/Aramid
Other Materials
U1Perfluorocarbon rubber/PTFE
Spring and construction materials
Identifier – EN 12756Description
Spring materials
G1.4571 CrNiMo steel
MHastelloy C-4 Nickel-base alloy
Construction materials
F1Special cast CrNi steel
G1.4401 CrNiMo-Steel
G1.4571 CrNiMo steel
G11.4462 CrNiMo steel – Duplex
G21.4439 CrNiMo steel
G3NiCrMo steel
M = Nickel-base alloy
MHastelloy C-4
M1Hastelloy B-2
M3Carpenter 20 Cb3
M4Monel alloy K500
M5Hastelloy C-276
M6Inconel 718
T = Other materials
T1CrNiMoCuNb steel
T2Pure titanium
T3Inconel 625
T4Carpenter 42
T5Incoloy 800

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