Our Services on rotating Equipment

We are proud contractual partners in the field of mechanical seal service and systems for many large companies.

Among others, we operate primarily in the following industries:





Oil & Gas



Water & Sewage


We are also among the leading companies operating mainly in the European Union area. We stand for correct consultation, good service, and comprehensive care in the field of sealing technology.

Our Services

Maintenance & Service

Modification & Modernisation

before after


We are certified in accordance with §14 Para. 6 Sentence 2 BetrSichV and are also authorised to repair electrical systems in accordance with Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX).

Among other things, this also includes

  • Conversion of units according to requirements
  • Supply and installation of sealing pressure systems
  • Delivery and installation of mechanical seals
  • Conversion of entire plants with our own skilled personnel
  • Repair of plants and components


Retrofitting according to TA-Luft:

  • Conversion of units
  • Supply and installation of double-acting mechanical seals
  • Modification, assembly and conversion of pump systems according to API plan

Coating service

You can find more information about coating here.

Alignment & Measurement

Vibration measurements are carried out with VIBSCANNER® and OMNITREND® and laser alignments are carried out with OPTALIGN®. We are certified in the application of these methods by db Prüftechnik AG according to ISO 10816-3.

Ausrichtung & Vermessung

Balancing & Machining of Centrifuges

  • Balancing of centrifuges / shafts and other technical equipment
  • Length: 6000mm
  • Weight: max. 4500kg


All other technical conditions can be requested to our technical department and engineers.

Wuchten und Bearbeiten von Zentrifugen
Wuchten und Bearbeiten von Zentrifugen
Wuchten und Bearbeiten von Zentrifugen

Centrifuges & Overhaul of Rabble Rake

  • Repair / overhaul / UVV inspection disassembled condition
    • Incl. deliveries of new parts, inspection, balancing, etc.
  • Machining work is done
    • Incl. detail checks, balancing work, etc.
  • Repair of all brands

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