Siron Seal

Cartridge? Why not Siron!

Our brand family Siron is a cartridge mechanical seal design that is available in single and double acting arrangements. With industry leading quality, the cartridge design guarantees an easy installation for rotating equipment by eliminating many installation mistakes.

Seal faces are available in standard materials. Depending on application seal faces are chosen to maximize operating time. Coming from packing, a conversion is possible as well as a conversion coming from component mechanical seals.

Financially speaking,  there are only advantages. The Siron seals allow you to save on repairs by eliminating shaft wear downs and efficiency losses due to high leakages. The simplified installation, due to cartridge design, offers a great advantage to component seals and increases the potential longer run time. Siron mechanical seals are outstanding due to their quick and simple type of installation. They work more productively and save countless hours of work and costs.

Eco or Pro
Plug & Seal

What is Plug & Seal?

Simple installation due to the pre-assembled and adjusted Siron mechanical seal by our production centre.

Simple handling due to a modern and clearly arranged manual, easy retrievable as haptical and online version.

Lowered running costs due to shorter waiting time between ordering and delivery, quick and simple installation and simple handling.

In short

 “Plug and Seal” is our top priority: simple installation and ease of use, thereby simply lowered running costs.

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