Mechanical Seal Faces

We are an established supplier of mechanical seal faces in series production and also for individual applications.

In our range of materials we offer you mechanical seal faces of the highest quality and in all designs.

  • Synthetic resin infused carbon seal faces
  • Antimony infused carbon seal faces
  • Silicon carbide seal faces (SiC)
  • Tungsten carbide seal faces (WC)
  • Ceramic seal faces
  • Chrome oxide seal faces

Tungsten carbide seal faces

Tungsten carbide seal faces and mating faces are used especially in the waste water sector or in applications where high pressures and demands are made on the stability of a seal face. We supply tungsten carbide faces up to high dimensional ranges. Please contact us if you have any questions or are interested.

We manufacture carbon graphite seal faces for many applications. We have approx. 3 tons of graphite materials in stock. A wide range of diameters, up to 570 mm with different infusions enables us to offer shortest delivery times for the benefit of our customers. You can also benefit from our stock of tested seal faces. We offer carbon seal faces with synthetic resin infusion for food applications (FDA-compliant) up to 250°C. For higher stability of the face material, we also offer carbon seal faces with antimony infused.

Silicon seal rings (SiC seal faces)

We offer SiC seal faces with express delivery times of up to 72 hours from receipt of order. We use a wide variety of manufacturing processes for this purpose. Silicon seal faces can be manufactured by pressureless sintering, which results in higher dimensional stability and alignment of the crystal lattice. Furthermore, silicon mating faces and seal faces can be offered as reaction-bonded silicon. If your silicon seal face has to withstand high forces, for example in agitator seals, where high breakaway torques prevail, we offer metal encapsulation of the silicon seal face and mating face. These are uniformly shrunk in by inductive heating of the steel and then re-machined to meet the highest shape and position tolerances. Hydraulic lubrication grooves are not a problem and are required by design specifications in the event of insufficient lubrication. We manufacture these and grind them out.

Chrome steel seal faces

A high stock of semi-finished chrome casting materials enables us to react quickly in this area as well. Our 5-axis turning and milling machines with grinding inserts enable us to manufacture complicated geometries. Like all our manufactured products, these are tested and recorded in a quality control on 3D coordinate measuring machines before shipment or installation in our mechanical seal systems.

Ceramic seal faces

Ceramic seal faces are often used for media that must not come into contact with metallic materials. Ceramic seal faces can be used in many areas due to their high purity and good tribologic properties. It is important to note the surface pairing of the mating partner.

Carbon seal faces

Upon submission of technical drawings, we manufacture custom-made products for all types of mechanical seals. If no technical drawing is available, our engineers will prepare it. The selection of the material is made by the customer or under consideration of the application by our engineers.

We are extensively certified and offer the highest quality combined with excellent service.

Material combinations for mechanical seals

We recommend to always consult with the mechanical seal supplier when sizing material pairings, as incorrect sizing can lead to burning of the seal rings or a reaction upon contact with the medium. Studies and tests have led to the following statements on which material pairings are most suitable for mechanical seals:

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