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Mechanical Seals

We offer a wide variety of mechanical seals which will suit all of your applications. 

Carbon Seals

We offer the following seal types in carbon: armoured carbon seals, metal backed carbon seals, segmented carbon seal rings, steam head seals, carbon rings, mechanical seal faces, seating rings, and many more


We offer graphite packings, graphite rings and graphite sealing systems for valves and other applications.

Seal Faces

Due to the development of advanced machinery, we are able to machine special seal faces for almost every field of application. This gives our customers the chance to purchase seal faces with the shortest lead times possible. Additionally, we have approx. 5 t of carbon graphite in a large variety of dimensions on stock.


As a manufacturer of sealing systems we also offer advanced packing solutions. We offer a variety of dynamical and statically packing. We will help you to find the right packing for your application.

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