Steam Header Seal

We manufacture steam head gaskets in small and large series of all common manufacturers as Voith, Kadant Johnson, Maier and many more. Through a large stock of impregnated carbon materials we have the flexibility to help you in difficult situations.

What are steam head seals?

Typical for these rings are the convex and concave design of the sealing surfaces, which help eliminating these motions. The principle of steam heads is to seal the steam during the production process. Since paper machines have an enormous demand for steam, it is the aim of an operator to reduce the leakage and thereby the loss of steam. The main principle is to have the steam running through a rotating tube, roll or drum and heating up the surface to dry the paper while running through the production process. Therefore water and oils are used to pass the heated steam on. Steam head seals have been used for over 50 years and are considered the best solution for these rough applications and are constantly redeveloped by manufacturers. We impregnate the carbon rings with antimony and different materials to stabilize the rings for their mechanical applications.

Where are steam head seals used?

Steam header seals, also known as feeder head seals, find application in the paper, food, textile, rubber and plastic industries. Main machinery are paper machines, calanders, mixers rotating rolls and drums. In paper machines steam heads are used as a component of the heating system in drying cylinders.

Advantages of steam head seals

The main advantage of these carbon rings is their stable construction, resulting in a longer lifetime. The main reason for the stable construction is the rolling and the pendulum motion of the machinery, as well as the high pressure applications they are used for.

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