Carbon Floating Seals

Carbon floating seals (Chamber Seal) are reliable alternative, when mechanical seals reach their limits. If the application has a circumferential speed (sliding speed) above 40 m/s, normal for turbine and compressor applications, carbon floating seals are the alternatives to use. A special design allows speeds up to 250 m/s, while the sealing effect is not decreased. If applications show a high volume of radially misalignment (blowers, mixer, extruder etc.), the split design of the seal rings allows a movement up to 5 mm. Due to the segmented design of the seal rings and the circulating garter spring, this radial movement is compensated. If a radial movement occurs, the garter spring puts the ring back in position. For applications with low speeds, and non-critical products we take use of polymer rings. For higher requirements we use carbon graphite and graphite sealing rings. Main advantage is the physical strength and chemical resistance of the material. For difficult applications we take advantage of special impregnations, such as resin (FDA- conformity) or antimony impregnations, which will bring the aspired effect. The graphite also gives the advantage of the increased sliding ability, caused by its tribology, which will result in a longer lifetime (compared to polymer) and has a high temperature resistance. High pressure applications are sealed with an armored carbon ring (non splitted) which has a high mechanical strength. Due to the metal bandage the sealing gap between shaft and seal is constant over different temperature areas. Applications up to 800°C are sealed with carbon floating seals.

Throughout the radially divided design (Chamber Seal) they are one of the most maintenance friendly seal in the industry and are able to be serviced even when installed. The seal allows a short axially design.

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