Tartarus Seal Kit

A seal system for plunger pumps

Tartarus Seal Kit has been specially developed for using with plunger pumps. These plunger pumps are preferred in pipelines. Other applications of plunger pumps include hydraulic presses, injection applications, descaling, transport of highly viscous media, slurry transport, LNG-CO2-LPG production, boiler feed pump, chemical and petrochemical industry fertilizer production.

The Tartarus Seal Kit is characterized by an easy maintenance of the sealing compound system and related components. The media to be conveyed must, among other things, be treated with acids, alkalis, salt water and highly viscous liquids. For a long life, among other factors, the packing gland is responsible.

For this purpose, STB GmbH developed a Plunger Seal Kit with different material combinations. The Plunger Seal Kit Tartarus consists of 2 special sealing rings (spring ring and cover ring) and several packing rings, which vary in their way. In order to ensure a tightness under different operating conditions.

The Tartarus Plunger Seal Kit is ready for dispatch within a few business days.

  • SPECK high-pressure plunger pumps (series P, NP, A, R, RE and duplex)
  • Flowserve Plunger Pumps
  • LEWA Plunger high-pressure pump
  • Kamat high pressure pumps (from K 8000 – 3G)
  • URACA plunger pumps (from KD708)

How a plunger pump works

Plunger pumps (also known as piston pumps, V pumps, YHT pumps, reciprocating pumps, recips, power pumps, HS pumps) are sealed by the manufacturer via a fixed fabric sleeve. The working chamber is the retracting piston, which displaces the medium by its own volume.


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