S230 for slurry pump Goulds 5500

Mechanical seal S230

The mechanical seal S230-127 is compatible with the heavy slurry pump model 5500 for a shaft diameter of 127mm (5”).

Even the toughest cases are no problem for this mechanical seal. With processed fluids ranging from sand and limestone slurries to rocks or coarse coal, it still ensures a stabile operation.

The S230 is manufactured without a flush to minimize the cost of operation and common problems processing fluids with high solid contents.

Compatible with:

  • ITT Goulds 5500 (B3)

Mechanical seal type:

  • S230-127 (Part number: 15153751)

Base design:

  • Single acting mechanical seal
  • Cartridge seal
  • Group springs
  • Rotation-direction independent
  • Relieved seal faces
  • Special durable design


  • Shaft diameter: 127 mm / 5“


  • Up to +200°C (alternatively up to 270°) with quench

Sliding speed:

  • Up to 20m/s


  • 25 bar


  • Standard: Q2Q2VM1G1G (SiC/SiC/FKM/FKM/1.4462 CrNiMo-Steel/ 1.4571 CrNiMo-Steel)
  • For alternative materials and its combinations, use our material list
Pump Types

Goulds Model 5500

The slurry pump model 5500 is constructed for heavy duties and is designed especially for long life and a highly reliable operation. It can process different slurries and also waste products from mills or plant processes.


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