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BMS-02 for Blackmer Pumps

The cartridge mechanical seal BMS-02 has been specially developed for the use in the sliding vane pumps NP, series of Blackmer. These pumps are a preferred choice in refineries, the food industry and the chemical industry. The BMS-02 is supplied with an ATEX certificate and can therefore be used in EX areas for pumps NP from Blackmer. The series NP is characterized by uncomplicated maintenance of the mechanical seal and components. The media to be conveyed must be observed. These media include edible oil, refined fuels, wax, greases, glues, solvent (VOC’s), chocolate and syrup. Along with other factors the mechanical seal is one of the primarily reasons for its highlife span. STB GmbH specially designed a mechanical seal for an application where the customer has the choice of various material combinations, in order to offer the best suitable solution.

Our mechanical seal BMS-02 is compatible to the following pump types: NP1.5, NP2, NP2.5, NP3 and NP4

Compatible with:

  • Blackmer NP1.5
  • Blackmer NP2
  • Blackmer NP2.5
  • Blackmer NP3
  • Blackmer NP4

Part list number:

  • 19 or
  • 152

Mechanical seal type:

  • BMS DPS-1.375″ (STB identifier)

In the NP series from Blackmer is the mechanical seal number always the packing number of 19 and the shaft seal ring is the 152. The mechanical seals are ready for shipment to NP1.5, NP2, NP2.5, NP3 and NP4 within a few business days.

Pump Types

NP1.5, NP2, NP2.5, NP3, NP4

The BMS Cartridge seal is available for diameters 25 mm (1″), 32 mm (1 1/4″) and 51 mm (2″).
These media can be any mineral oil product, petrol, kerosen, diesel or biological fluids. This means the requirements for the mechanical seal are very high. To meet all demands on the mechanical seal, we offer different material combinations, since the life expectation of your machines and cartridge seal depends on the combination of the sealing faces.

If chemically aggressive fluids are conveyed, carbon / SiC are suitable as sliding surface pairing. For water or crude oil production use carbon / tungsten carbide.


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