OEM-Replacement Seals

As a producer of mechanical seals, we also offer product-specific OEM replacement seals. Our product range includes mechanical seals for turbines, blowers, pumps, and compressors. We pay attention to the highest quality, from design to delivery. Automated manufacturing processes provide high availability and fast response times.

STB GmbH offers replacement seals for the following OEM systems

Blackmer TX

The mechanical component seal BC-01 has been designed for the Blackmer TX series, which is mainly used in sliding vane pumps and can be, depending on its demand and its usage, produced in different materials to enable ideal working conditions.

Blackmer NP

For this Pump, developed by Blackmer, we developed the Cartridge mechanical seal BMS-02, which is used with rotary vane positive displacement pumps (for example: refueling systems) and can be manufactured with different materials for optimal operation, depending on requirements or application.

Tartarus Seal Kit

STB GmbH has developed a Plunger Seal Replacement Kit (Tartarus) specifically for this application with different material combinations. The Plunger Seal Kit Tartarus consists of 2 special sealing rings (spring ring and cover ring) and several packing rings, which vary in their way. This is in order to ensure a thickness differently operating conditions.

Screw Spindle Pump S-VSA

The replacement mechanical seal S130 is suited for the screw spindle pump S-VSB 120, S-VSA 150 and S-VSA 330. This mechanical seal is an economic and highly available solution for the screw vacuum pump to replace the standard metal bellow seal.


Stirrers type Salomix SL / ST can be equipped by STB with the OEM replacement seal PulperMex. Since losses are incurred by the operator, especially in the paper industry, even with minimal downtime, we offer a high level of availability, which enables fast reaction times.

Slurry Pump Goulds 5500

STB developed the replacement seal S230 for the heavy duty slurry pump Goulds Model 5500. This seal is capable of working under the toughest conditions and ensure a stabile operation for low cost.


  • NC 0100
  • NC 0200
  • NC 0300
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