Mechanical Seal

We have been active in the field of consulting and distribution of mechanical seals since 1994 for all areas of industry. For over ten years we have additionally offered repair services for mechanical seals of all types all around the globe. Since we also produce seal faces we ensure short repair periods. Our offers are free of charge.

All of our seals in field are designed based for your application and requirement, unless requested otherwise. To achieve the longest possible run time, sealing parameters need to be collected, to obtain the best possible result. STB is a strong and reliable partner for OEMs and industry leading cooperation’s since many years. Throughout contracts, these companies are taking advantage of the support we can offer. As a result we keep massive stocks of mechanical seals and mechanical seal components. New produced seals faces may be delivered within 5 days. Please use the supported pdf datasheet to collect the needed data, if there are any questions our staff will assist and support you at any time. If the data and your application demand a designed seal, we will try to use as many standard components as possible to keep the lead time in range. The following pages only show an abstract of the seals we offer. They can be assembled with many different materials for the O-rings, seals faces and sleeves and casings.

Our material code for mechanical seals is designated to EN12756, for example, we offer our ecoSiron with the material pairings BU2VGG, BQ2VGG, U22U2VGG, Q22Q2EGG or BQ2PGG. Other materials are available at ecoSiron and proSiron.

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