PulperMex for Salomix SL/ST

PulperMex is a double acting mechanical seal, which is mainly used in Sulzer Salomix and Ahlstrom Salomix SL/ST agitators. These horizontal mounted agitators are used for mixing viscous liquids or liquids with high gas or large solids content inside of the tank, to produce as much as possible even mixing result. For this use, STB GmbH designed and developed a special mechanical seal, with the use of vented slide faces. PulperMex is able to reduce its friction to allow a more stable operation for a higher life expectancy. Down times in the pulp and paper industry create considerable losses for their facility operators, that’s why STB’s responsibility to its clients is to provide short delivery times. To enable this all critical components, which have a usually high delivery time, are always on stock. This allows an unrivaled reaction time in the industry.

The mechanical seal PulperMex is available for agitators with different shaft diameters.

Compatible with:

  • Salomix SL-80
  • Salomix SL-100


Mechanical seal type:

  • PulperMex (STB identifier)


The double acting mechanical seal is available as standard replacement unit whit the following materials:

  • Standard: U22U2VGG-BU2VGG (Tungsten Carbide/Tungsten Carbide/FKM/1.4301/1.4571-Carbon B/ Tungsten Carbide/FKM/1.4301/1.4571)
  • Sealing face: TC (Tungsten Carbide), SiC, Carbon B , Carbon A
  • Stationary seat: TC (Tungsten Carbide), SiC
  • O-rings: FKM / PTFE / EPDM / NBR / FFKM
  • Steelbody: 1.4404 / 1.4571
  • Springs: 1.4301 / Hastelloy C4

In the standard configuration for the pulp and paper industry the PulperMex sealing ring consists of tungsten carbide with 6 % Ni bonding and the stationary seat consists of tungsten-carbide as well. The springs are produced with CrNiMo steel 1.4310 and are alternatively available in Hastelloy C4. The material for the appropriate case is steel 1.4571. Elastomers vary so they are more likely chosen on the specific application, but all materials are available from stock. The atmospherically side face combination is Carbon B vs Tungsten carbide. STB offers additionally the possibility to exchange materials in production on demand for a more customized application for your special needs.

Agitator Types

Salomix SL/ST

The Salomix SL/ST is mostly used in the pulp and paper industry to agitate fibrous slurries. With its high-capacity, it is suited for the most challenging industrial applications.

The mechanical seal PulperMex for the agitators Salomix SL-80 and SL-100 can be delivered within a few workdays.


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