Mechanical Seal Support Systems Made By STB

The STB seal support systems are designed for high process reliability and have been developed to seal products within their emission limits. Based on these requirements, STB developed several different seal support systems. The main task of a seal support system is the cooling and controlled lubrication of the mechanical seal faces. To achieve this goal, a controlled flow of the medium (e.g. water, oil) is required to achieve a cooling effect on the seals due to the frictional heat generated. This cooling effect, which considerably extends the lifetime of a mechanical seal, is achieved by the mechanical seal design and the integrated pumping devices. The seal support system also has the possibility to operate while pressurized. The design and features can vary depending on the application it is meant for. These different applications are defined by the American Petroleum Institute. Which mechanical seal support system works for your seal is reviewed in correspondence with our engineering staff.

STB mechanical seal support systems plans and products

There are many varieties of support plans in the industry, suitable for every case. These plans are documented in the API 682, by the “American Petroleum Institute”. This Institute describes the newest standards for the sealing industry. In summary, a support plan can be designed without pressure (TS-System) by a natural flow of heat- and cooling fluids. A highly efficient solution of a mechanical seal support system can be a heavy duty barrier fluid unit (NSE-54), which increases the cooling effect of the seal faces and boosts the amount of circulating barrier fluid to a pump. STB offers pumps for the right solution for every supply plan. We have a wide product range, starting off with a standard supply tank (TS-12) for simple tasks and the support of double mechanical seals. For increased heat dissipation, TS Systems with integrated cooling coil, sensors for process tracking, level-, temperature- and pressure control are also available. In the field of barrier pressure/-fluid units, we offer our NSE product range. Our NSE-53 and NSE-54 are available as standard units with short delivery times. These units are individually expandable and are suited for the existing mains voltage. The process parameters are analyzed in one unit.

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