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Flowmanager STB-DRAB

Measuring device for controlling and monitoring of mechanical seals
The use of a flow meter can ensure that double-acting seals function properly under all conditions. In addition, it allows the seal to achieve its maximum life cycle. With a flow meter, pressure and flow can be optimally adjusted so that the best possible functionality of the mechanical seal can be realized in the process.

The manageable design of the flow meter allows easy operation for the user.
The Flowmeter STB DRAB comes with the following components:

  • Push button, to rinse and clean the flow indicator
  • Flow control valve, to regulate the volume flow of the locking medium
  • Pressure control valve, for optional back pressure adjustment for use with double-acting sliding ring seals
  • Safeunit, Flowtrue, Kytola
  • Flow indicator, for easy reading of volume flow using a scale
  • Pressure gauge, for analog display for reading the print