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STB is a well-known and established partner in the designing and manufacturing of mechanical mixer seals. We offer mixer and agitator seals as single cartridge seals and as double mechanical seals. Each type is equipped with a number of barrier fluid, flush and grease connections. To increase the life and runtime of the seals, we offer wide range of seal support systems. All steel components are made out of stainless steel SS316Ti for the best achievable chemical resistance. Other materials are available upon request.

Our mixer cartridge seals can perform at lowest revolutions and sliding speeds, highest pressures, while not making any excuse in references to the running times. The seal face dimension and shapes will be adjusted for special requested mixer seals, to increase the life time of the seal. In cases where contact of the product with stainless steel is prohibited, we offer non steel or enameled parts. In high- or low temperature surroundings and -areas we have optionally cooling and heating flanges which can be integrated easily. In cases with low lubrication, shape adjustments of the seal faces and special dry running mixer seal faces can be chosen to increase the life time and performance of the seal.


Antibacterial Sealface

The phREMEX® belongs to the REMEX® family and is a great alternative with very high availability for agitator seals from the food and pharmaceutical industry. REMEX® stands for consistent quality across all product lines. A special advantage is that the agitator seals of the REMEX® product family make installation easier due to their construction. This holds the complete components of the seal in the housing together. Thus, only the housing of the REMEX® is mounted on the agitator housing.

STB Mixer Seals are according to several norms, the following standardized are listed

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