API Plan 53B

The product range of STB support systems also includes supply units according to API 53B

The use of a well-know standardized and certified bladder accumulators and STB designed air fin pipes build on a standard system offers OEMs and end customers a perfect fit on a wide range of applications. Available with many configurations. Bladder accumulator size 10 Liter / 20 Liter / 32 Liter / 50 Liter with C-Steel or Stainless-steel shells. As elastomer NBR or FKM.

Plan 53B is designed for pressure greater than seal chamber pressure.


  • Self-contained process fluid
  • Zero emissions



  • Used with dual pressure seals
  • High vapor pressure fluids (light hydrocarbons)
  • Hazardous fluids
  • Toxic fluids
  • Heat transfer fluids
  • Dirty, abrasive, or polymerizing fluids


  • Thermometer (digital or analog)
  • Pressure gauge (digital or analog)
  • Pressure transmitter
  • Heating elements
  • Temperature transmitter
  • Vent

The system is available with many certificates, such as U-Stamp, ASME IX wielding certificates, 3.1 and NACE Material certificates

API Plan 53B

Customized for your needs

All systems are designed for every individual application. This involves design, production, assembly and testing carried out at STB GmbH located in Strausberg, Germany. Contact us for more information

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