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Maintenance & ServicE

of units and subsystems

Maintenance & Service

of units and subsystems

We are the company that consistently offers the highest level of quality, responsibility, and safety. High quality of our products and services ensure that we can live up to our responsibility towards the environment. We also highly value safety for the operating personnel of our plants, sub-plants, and units.

Our service fascination

Our fascination with service offers you the following advantages:

  • Relief for your staff by having our engineers take over the entire work preparation process
  • No additional personnel is required
  • High-quality inspection, overhaul and modification of your units in our modern halls
  • No additional special tools are required
  • Flexible and fast processing of orders
  • Professional and environmentally friendly disposal by our logistics department

A typical complete offer, which is variably adapted to your order, can be found under “Offer“.

  • Intensive support via field service and service staff, telephone advice, customer reports and training courses
  • Collection on site
  • Dismantling and cleaning of the plant components
  • Inspection of the plant components (damage analysis)
  • Machine diagnosis
  • Damage report
  • Suggestions for modification for future damage avoidance
  • Cost estimate
  • Storage until release by you
  • Repair and/or modification of the machine parts
  • Coating and painting
  • Assembly
  • Various checks such as test runs, visual inspection, smooth running checks, vibration measurement, static and dynamic pressure test
  • Acceptance
  • Shipment by forwarding agent or by our qualified personnel, on request with on-site assembly
  • On-site service / maintenance

Characteristic-curve test rig


Our characteristic-curve test bench is suitable for pumps (submersible pumps and dry-installed pumps), fans and electric motors. A separate division of drinking water and service/polluted water is evident. The power range for the drive is 1.5 kW to 110 kW (briefly up to 130 kW), 1-4500 rpm, up to 6.3 t and a pump flow of 3-750 m³/h. Tests in these ranges are carried out according to ISO 9906-2012 class 2.

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