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In the distillation section, crude oil is first heated to approx. 350 °C (662 °F) and then broken down into individual products. Substances with a boiling point above this temperature become gaseous and rise to the top of the distillation column. The high temperatures as well as the different compositions of the crude oils, which can also be corrosive and abrasive, are among the greatest challenges for sealing technology in refinery distillation plants.

Various sealing concepts from STB GmbH have proven themselves for many years for sealing in atmospheric as well as in vacuum distillation processes.

For distillation applications, the portfolio ranges from robust single to double mechanical seals with the necessary sealing, cooling and flushing systems.

We ensure reliable sealing of the complete process chain in distillation plant applications with our proven pusher seal series.

For particularly high temperatures as metal bellows seals.

To ensure optimum operating conditions for the seals, STB GmbH supplies the associated supply systems (in accordance with API 682 4th Edition).

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