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Fruit juice

In order to retain the full-fruit aroma, vitamins, and ingredients as much as possible, the juices are heated in a flash pasteurizer to a temperature of 90 – 92 °C for 30 seconds after pressing and then immediately cooled down again. This gentle flash pasteurization process preserves the juice without the use of chemical additives. Degassers are used to additionally reduce the O2 content of the juice, while volatile aromas are retained by the aroma recovery system integrated in the degassing unit.

Following the preservation process, the fresh juice is immediately stored in cleaned, steam-sterilized storage tanks. Here, the aseptic valve technology and the hygienic design of the complete system ensure perfect sanitary conditions. In modern bulk storage tanks for direct juices, the stainless-steel tanks hold 1 million tank litres and more.

To prevent crystallization, STB uses double-acting mechanical seals with seal pressure superimposed on the agitators and pumps. These seals are available with FDA approval as well as sterile versions.

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