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Single Cartridge Seal

Single mechanical cartridge seals are an extension and improvement of single component seals. Due to its cartridge design, this type of seal is easy to install and maintain. This type of seal is also designed with shaft sleeves, to protect the shaft from occurring damages. Most types are designed with integrated flushes, which is an advantage for high viscosity products or products with a high amount of solid particles.

"Plug & Seal"

We design and manufacture a number of various types of single mechanical cartridge seals. We offer the shortest lead times, even for our special seals, thanks to the advanced machinery we own.

Different types and arrangements are possible to fit the seal to your needs. Different types of materials for seal faces are possible for assembly, but always with a focus on the applicability for the specific application. We have equivalent models to nearly every seal on the market to increase the lifetime of a seal.

Main fields of applications are

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