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Propellershaft seal SRD-150

Our water-lubricated propellershaft seal is an ecologic and economic solution that meets all technical needs for a modern mechanical navy seal. Among others it has a modular setup, is easy to assemble, requires low maintenance, effort and no configuration.

Propellershaft seals use the same function principle as mechanical seals. Therefor they are virtually leakage free and leave no oil or grease residue in the waterway. The prevention of dirt water entry in the bilge is another feature of the STB propellershaft seal, so there is no need for a cost and work intense removal and disposal.

Optionally we offer the enhancement with a Pneumostop. The Pneumostop enables the possibility to replace, repair or clean the mechanical seal and other components up to the Pneumostop on a standing shaft, without the need to go for a dockyard.


  • Single-acting mechanical seal
  • Cartridge unit
  • Group springs
  • Flush-access
  • Rotation-direction independent
  • Pressure sleeve


  • Shaft diameters from 60 mm to 280 mm


  • Shaft diameters greater than 280mm on demand
  • Pneumostop
  • Splited mechanical seal
  • Open system
  • Closed System


  • Flush access 1 l/h mm per shaft diameter

Temperature :

  • -5°C to +40°C


  • Up to 7 bar

Sliding speed:

  • Up to 10 m/s

Allowed axial movement:

  • ± 2,0 mm
  • After 180 mm shaft diameter ±3 mm


  • Seal face: antimony or synthetic resin carbon graphite
  • Stationary seat: special chrome molybdenum cast
  • Metal parts: 1.4571
  • Pressure sleeve: NBR (Nitril-Butadiene-Rubber)
  • Gasket: Burasil®

Propellershaft seal for an open system

3D Pneumostop

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