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Double Cartridge Seal

This type of mechanical seal will especially suit pumps, mixers, agitators and rotating equipment and fulfills the highest standards of environmental safety.

Throughout our expertise and constant support on site we will help you to find the right double acting mechanical cartridge seal for your application and process. We keep a large amount of seals in stock to ensure the shortest possible delivery time.

Double mechanical cartridge seals have a barrier fluid between both pair of seal faces. One pair is located at the product side, the other pair is located on the atmospherically side. In-between is the streamed barrier fluid to cool the seal faces and to ensure that no contamination of the environment will appear. Several plans and methods are used in industry to seal different fluids, while realizing a long run time. These plans are advised by the American petroleum institute, called API. Most plans reconsider extra systems which are built and manufactured by STB.

To figure out which plan and system will suit your application; contact our engineering staff.

STB double mechanical cartridge seals are designed as bi-directional mechanical seals. All cartridge seals are equipped and delivered with shaft sleeves to reduce damages on the shaft. We offer seals in dynamical and stationary design to suit your application perfectly. By the design are different types of arrangements possible. We offer face to face, back to back, tandem seals, depending on the application request. The double mechanical seals are delivered as cartridge unit for easy installation.

We offer the following materials for double cartridge mechanical seals

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