DK Ring - Steam Boiler Gasket

The DK Ring is a high-quality seal made of multi-directional expanded PTFE. The oval gasket is specially designed for sealing closures on steam boilers and is suitable for all sizes of internally sealing hand, head and manhole closures.

The flexible material conforms excellently to sealing surfaces and compensates for even large irregularities on the boiler lid and flange.

To prevent leaks during the start-up and shut-down process, we recommend the use of our special disc springs (which automatically readjust during load changes).


  • Excellent tightness already during installation
  • Completely covers flange surfaces, prevents corrosion on sealing surfaces
  • Flexible material, adapts to the shape of the cover
  • Suitable for changing temperature loads


  • Full material resistance
  • Very good fitting, even on corroded surfaces
  • No aging, can be stored indefinitely
  • Non-toxic, biologically inert
  • Non-flammable


  • Steam boiler plants
  • Silo plants
  • Pharmaceutical and food plants

Certifications and Tests

  • TÜV approved and monitored
  • VdTÜV leaflet seal 100 (former TRD 401) test class D up to 250°C/40bar
  • Tested also for lids with increased gap dimension
  • FDA 21 CFR 177.1550 tested

Available dimensions



80x120x15 220x320x25
100x150x15 300x400x25
115x165x15 320x420x25
120x160x15 350x450x25

*Sealing thickness for all dimensions = 6mm

Other dimensions available on request

Also available as ePTFE DK sealing tape

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DK Ring - Steam Boiler Gasket

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