The TS system SB-9 was developed for the supply of double-acting mechanical seals. It is used to build up the required liquid lubricating film between the sliding surfaces and to maintain it during operation. The circulation medium between the mechanical seal and the TS container is circulated by natural circulation (if the mechanical seal does not have an integrated circulation element).


  • Low maintenance
  • Higher pressure rating

Functional description:

  • Maintains lubrication during operation
  • Provides barrier pressure
  • Provides against dry running
  • Stabilizes the lubricating film

Design features:

  • Nominal volume: 9l
  • Design pressure: 20 bar
  • Test pressure: 30 bar
  • Design temperature: 200°C
  • Main body material: 1.4571
  • Diched bottom material: 1.4571
  • Material welding socket: 1.4571
  • Material suspensions: 1.4571
  • Weight: approx. 15kg

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