Plan 65 / 75

In Plan 65 / 75, there is a containment seal chamber leakage collection system for condensing or mixed phase leakage. This plan is used when pumped fluid condenses at ambient temperatures.


  • Leakage collection for zero to very lowprocess emissions
  • Detection of primary seal failure viasafety indicator


  • At ambient temperature thanfluids condense
  • Light hydrocarbons or highvapor pressure fluids
  • Hazardous fluids
  • Toxic fluids
  • Clean fluids
  • Non-polymerizing fluids
  • Non-oxidizing fluids

Design features:

  • Volume: 9 litre
  • Pressure: max. 16 barg
  • Temperature: max. 200 °C
  • Material: stainless steel SS316

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