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STB Sludge Mixer

After many years of servicing Sludge Mixers, we have successfully begun manufacturing our own with our own personal nod to German quality.

Used in wastewater treatment plants, Sludge Mixers circulate the sludge in anaerobic digesters. Since every installation and sludge behave differently, the STB Sludge Mixer allows you to respond accordingly. With our German quality standard, the STB Sludge Mixer is durable and allows ongoing function for many years.

We offer a wide range of services for the STB Sludge Mixer such as on-site service, repairs, upgrade to ATEX-components and maintenance. Should you have any additional question about our services, our engineers are available to share their knowledge.

  • Less residual sludge and lower disposal costs
  • Up to twice the yield of digester gas
  • No sediment formation
  • No formation of floating sludge

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