Seal Faces and Stationaries for Mechanical Seals

We are an established manufacturer of seal faces in single piece production up to mass production. Main focus is kept on quality monitoring during production and quality insurance before delivery.

We offer many kinds of different seal face materials, such as:

Carbon (antimony impregnated)
Carbon (resin impregnated FDA conformity)
Silicon carbide (SiC)
Tungsten Carbide (TC)
Special chrome oxide steel
Ceramic faces
We manufacture upon drafts, supplied by the customer, or by sample deliver which will be send back after in house drafting. The choice of material is made by the customer, the sample or after a consultation by one of our engineering staff. Most off the times, optimization is done by the material, to increase life time of a mechanical seal. We are certified by several norms and offer the highest standards on quality manufacturing.

Tungsten Carbide

Silicon Carbide


Special chrome oxide steel

We offer express delivery within 72 hours, after order income. In those cases we take advantage of several manufacturing methods and machines. Silicon carbide seal faces can be manufactured as reaction bonded (express possible) or depressurized sintering, which results in a higher form stability and crystal structure. If your silicon carbide seal face needs to resist high pressure applications, such as mixer seals, we shrink fit them into a metal bandage, to increase the form stability. To increase the lubrication between seal faces we are able to integrate hydraulic lubrication grooves, which are grinded.

Tungsten carbide seal faces are mainly used in waste water supply and in applications where high pressures and break off forces during start up occur. We supply tungsten carbide seal faces up to 450 mm.

Under construction …

We keep high stocks of special chromium steel, to have a quick respond time. Due to our 5-axis machines, lead times within days, even with complicated shapes are possible. Every manufactured products is checked by 3-D Coordinate measuring machines to offer the best possible quality on the market.

Some products are restricted to have any contact during process with steel or metals. Due to that fact, ceramic faces are used. We offer ceramic seal faces in a high purity, to keep tribological levels at the top. Important is to check the compatibility of the mating face which is assembled as pair to the ceramic face.

Material Combination for Seal Faces

Following combinations are suitable:

  • Carbon – Chrome Casting
  • Carbon – Chrome Steel
  • Carbon – Tungsten Carbide
  • Carbon – Ceramic
  • Silicon Carbide – Carbon
  • Silicon Carbide – Silicon Carbide
  • Silicon Carbide – Tungsten Carbide
  • Tungsten Carbide – Tungsten Carbide
  • Chrome Casting – Ceramic
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