Mechanical Seals Repair

We have been repairing all types of mechanical seals since 1996. Offers are free of charge and free of any obligation. As a producer of seal faces, we have the ability to repair the mechanical seals immediatly on site. By request, you will additionally receive detailed damage photos and damage reports.

If requested system modifications can also be undertaken on site.

Our Service



  • All offers are without any obligation and free of charge
  • Reports with detailed damage patterns
  • Recommendations for future damage prevention


Your Advantages


  • Quick response
  • Fast delivery
  • High quality
  • Repair service and production from one source
  • High versatility

The 350 m² facility for mechanical seals repair offers a wide range of state of the art equipment. We repair mechanical seals of every brand and type. We are certified by one of the world leading manufacturer for mechanical seals. The yearly trained mechanical seal staff, our modern technology and our innovative machinery guarantee you the highest accuracy as well as a certified quality assurance before delivery. Every cartridge seal is tested before delivery.

Many factors, whether small or large, have an impact on the run time of a mechanical seal. We collect all the existing parameters, analyze and interpret them together with our customers. In the following steps, we will discuss changes on the system, whether they are on the design part of the seal, the support system or the whole arrangement. For example, occurring heat, which is directed on the seal faces and elastomers, causes failures of the seal. We will offer solutions (such as API plans) which will generate a cooling effect on the critical parts to make the mechanical seal run longer and safer. Another way could be changing the elastomers, which are designed to resist hot surroundings like this.

With 15 years of experience in the field of mechanical sealing, we have become a specialist in the modification of modern sealing systems.

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STB offers seminars and trainings for the use of mechanical seals. We train how to choose the right mechanical seal for your application, how to install mechanical seals, either component seals, single cartridge mechanical seal, double mechanical seals or mixer mechanical seals. This installation is not only done theoretically, we do it in the work shop under real conditions. Main part of the training are the basics of mechanical seals, what types exist, which type needs to be chosen, differences between arrangements of a mechanical seal (tandem, back to back etc.), API plans and many more.

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