The mechanical seal BC-01 is specially designed for Blackmer rotary vane- positive displacement pumps of the TX Series. These Pumps are usually used in tanker trucks and refueling systems for ships and airplanes. The TX Series stands out by its ease of maintenance of its mechanical seals and its appendant components. Its primary consideration are its pumping fluids, among others these are mostly mineral oils, crude oils and fuels. Along with other factors the mechanical seal is one of the primarily reasons for its high life span. STB GmbH specially designed a mechanical seal for an application where the customer has the choice of various material combinations, to offer the best suitable solution.

Our mechanical seal BC-01 is compatible to the following pump types: TXD3E TXSD3E TXS3E TX3E

Standard configurations and options:

The seal ring consists of Carbon B while the stationary seat consists of chromium cast. The secondary seal (elastomer) is made of NBR (Nitril-Butadien-Rubber) and the spring material is 1.4310 CrNiMo Steel. The appropriate case is produced in 1.4310 Steel as well. Additionally STB GmbH offers a tribological optimizing of the mechanical seal pairs, where the stationary seat consist of tungsten carbide. The position number of the mechanical seal on the Blackmer TX series is always 153. Mechanical seals for TXD3E and TXS3E pumps are worldwide ready to deliver a few days after order.  For TXSD3E and TX3E pumps we can provide a quick available mechanical seal with tungsten carbide. Material with short supply times as well.


Compatible to:

  • Blackmer TXD3E
  • Blackmer TXSD3E
  • Blackmer TXS3E
  • Blackmer TX3E

Part list number:

  • 153

Mechanical seal type:

  • BC01-45 (STB identifier)

The easy to assemble component seal is available as standard replacement unit whit the following materials:

  • Standard: BSPGG (Carbon B / Chromesteel/ NBR / 1.4301 /1.4301)
  • Seal face: TC (Tungsten Carbide), S (Chromstahl-Chromesteel), Carbon B
  • Stationary seat: S, TC
  • O-rings: FKM / PTFE / EPDM / NBR / FFKM
  • Steelbody: 1.4301 / 1.4404
  • Springs: 1.4301

Pump types


In most cases the TXD 3E is used in fuel trucks and fuel stations, to facilitate the most various mediums when fuel-filling ships, airplanes and vehicles. These mediums can be any mineral oil product, petrol, kerosene, diesel or biological fluids. This means the requirements for the mechanical seal components are very high. To meet all demands on the mechanical seal we offer different material combinations, since the life expectation of your machines and mechanical seal is dependent on the combination of the seal faces.

For facilitating aggressive chemical fluids Carbon / SiC seal faces are suitable. When facilitating water or crude oil it is recommended to use carbon / tungsten carbide.