We stand for correct consultation, good service and comprehensive care in the field of sealing technology.

Everything made by one company
We repair and optimize your mechanical seals as well as agitators up to 6,3 t.
Most advanced machinery
Our manufacturing site offers almost 50.000 sqft, equipped with modern and the most advanced machinery.
We offer quickest lead times
We offer quickest lead times, supported by engineers, designers and controlled by quality departments.

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STB, a global partner for your company
We would like to invite you to learn about our company, products and philosophy. In accordance with our name, we stand for engineering at its best a comprehensive service and quickest possible lead times. As young and dynamical company with a rapid jump in turnover for the past years, we consider us to be a very innovative cooperation.
STB designs and manufactures mechanical seals and special seals for gas and steam turbines, compressors (especially rotating piston, screw-, centrifugal compressors), pumps, mixer and agitators an many other applications where fluids, gases or steam needs to be sealed. We machine parts up to 750 mm diameter and seal faces up 650 mm. Due to advanced manufacturing machines with more than 5 axis technology, we are able to offer the shortest lead times for new designed and produced parts. All of our machined seal faces are used in our component-, single- and double cartridge seals. We do repair mechanical seals in our headquarter at Berlin, due to the advanced technology we have here in use. A repair made by us will be tested before delivery to ensure the best possible quality. While having best logistic conditions with our partner, you will not pay more for transportation compared to your local provider. Our aim for the repair of mechanical seals is that you will not notice a difference in performance compared to a new seal.